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We help Retreat Professionals Expand their Knowledge and Connections Across the Globe to Build Impactful & Profitable Businesses!



Are you passionate about the retreat industry and seeking to expand your knowledge and connections across the globe?
Welcome to our exclusive Retreat Professionals Membership - your gateway to expanding education and forging connections across the globe.

How the Retreat Professionals Network can Help You!

  1. Global Network: Connect with a diverse community of retreat professionals from around the world. Share experiences, insights, and best practices with peers who share your passion for creating transformative experiences.

  2. Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of industry trends and enhance your expertise through our curated educational resources. Access workshops, webinars, and expert-led sessions designed to deepen your knowledge and skills in retreat planning & logistics, systems for your specific retreat business, industry best practices, and more.

  3. Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into emerging trends, innovative approaches, and market opportunities in the retreat industry. Stay informed through our Community Connection Center, Community Calls and exclusive member-only content.

  4. Collaborative Opportunities: Collaborate with fellow members on exciting projects, joint ventures, and retreats. Tap into the collective wisdom and creativity of our global community to co-create memorable and impactful experiences for participants.

  5. Promotional Opportunities: Opportunities for additional exposure included in some memberships. 





























Founding Members are a part of our Foundation & Receive Additional Benefits and Exposure within the Community!

Membership Benefits:

Essential Package (6 available) 



  • Access to the membership portal with learning paths depending on your position in the industry.

  • Resources including: legal forms; accounting tips; start-up business information; insurance details; venue resource guide; educational videos; marketing guide with unique marketing strategies; how to grow and nurture your community; so much more!

  • Community calls 1x per month to learn, ask questions and connect with the community

  • Founding Member Bonus: Get 2 months free at the end of your first year.


Founding Member Investment:

$222 per month (minimum 12 month commitment)


$2222 for the year plus 2 free months for a total of 14 months!

After all Founding Member spots are filled, member pricing will be $333 per month or $3333 for the year


Advanced Package (3 available)




  • All Essential Package benefits

  • One Luxury Retreat per year focused on Retreat Professionals 

  • One 60 minute private call per quarter to dive deep into your business 

  • Founding Member Bonus: (2 months free at the end of your first year)

  • Founding Member Bonus: Listed as a Founding Member with link to your business on Membership Platform


Founding Member Investment:

$444 per month (minimum 12 month commitment)


$4444 for the year plus 2 free months for a total of 14 months!

After all Founding Member spots are filled, member pricing will be $555 per month or $5555 for the year


Elite Package (4 available)



  • All Advanced Package benefits

  • One Luxury Retreat per year with VIP upgrade 

  • One 60 minute Private Strategy call every other month (6 per year)

  • Founding Member Bonus: 2 months free at end of first year 

  • Founding Member Bonus: Listed as Founding Member on Platform with link to website

  • Founding Member Bonus: Featured in One Podcast Episode per year

  • Founding Member Bonus: Opportunity to Share your Expertise at the Retreat you attend

  • Founding Member Bonus: 6 additional private strategy calls per year!

Founding Member Investment:

$777 per month (minimum 12 month commitment)


$7777 for the year plus 2 free months for a total of 14 months!

After all Founding Member are filled, member pricing will be $888 per month or $8888 for the year

Retreat Options for Advanced & Elite Package


January 23-28, 2025 - Costa Rica

October 2-5, 2025 - Sedona, AZ USA

Copy of rose gold .jpg

Sara Martinez

Retreat Business Consultant

I am so glad you are here and humbled by the amazing Retreat Professionals taking a seat at the community table. 


I am Sara Martinez, the founder of the Retreat Professionals Network and long-time business owner. I have been a part of the event industry for 18 years, rallying high-vibe, impact driven leaders to take control of their businesses and re-ignite their purpose through transformational events.


Over the last 8 years, I have assisted dozens of retreat professionals in starting their retreat businesses and elevating their impact and profit. 

I have a passion for building communities that believe in collaboration over competition at their core. 


Ready to Expand Your Education & Connections Across the Globe?

  • Access to a vibrant online community of retreat professionals

  • Exclusive educational resources and training materials

  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and experts

  • Promotion of your retreats to a global audience

  • Discounts on workshops, events, and partner offerings

  • Collaborative project opportunities for members

  • Ongoing support from our dedicated team


Apply Today to Be a Founding Member!

Want to be a Country Ambassador?

Our Goal is to have every Country Represented in the World in our Network. There are so many beautiful and transformative locations that are great for Retreats, that many of us are not the expert in. As a Country Ambassador, you will represent the Retreat Community in your Country. You will be the go to for connections and information about bringing retreats to your Country. This is perfect for Retreat Planners & Retreat Venues!

Additional Benefits for Country Ambassadors:

  • Opportunity to Co-host on of the Retreat Professionals Network Membership Retreats

  • Opportunity to Lead Community Call in Your Area of the World

  • Opportunity to Host in Person Events for Retreat Professionals Network with the Support of the Network

  • Receive a Referral Commission of 5% for every Member You Bring into the Network

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your skills, expand your network, and grow your retreat business. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our membership offers valuable resources and connections to support your journey.

Invest in your growth and success as a retreat professional. Join our global community today and unlock a world of possibilities!

Apply now to become a member and embark on a transformative journey with us.

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