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When The Week Gets Away From You

Do you ever just lose track of time?

You look at the calendar and you can't believe it is already Friday, or even better, that this year is already more than halfway over? Or like me yesterday, flipping through the calendar updating it and realizing the holidays are literally right around the corner?

How does this happen? How do the days, weeks and months just fly by? What have you accomplished this year? Share with me in the comments.

Here is what I have found helps me when I seem to be letting life just fly by and don't feel like I have accomplished much in certain areas:

1.) Put down the phone! Turn off the TV! We have become so consumed by social media and TV, whether it be reality TV, news, sitcoms, we are hooked! The first problem with this is we are building better relationships with our screens than with our families, friends and communities. Ouch! So when you feel that you have no idea where the last week, month or year has gone, put down the electronics and make a live connection with someone.

2.) Breathe. Meditate. Be Present. Find what works for you to be and stay present in the moment. As women and moms we feel that we have to do it all, and what comes of that is lots of multitasking and thinking of what comes next. Take time to focus on your breath each day, if you enjoy meditating meditate each day, even if it is 2 minutes. Another way to stay present is to get out in nature, again if this is something you enjoy, and just explore, tap into all of the amazing senses you have been gifted with.

3.) Schedule some time to reflect. Our schedules seem to get fuller and busier each year, at least for me it does! And then I realize a year has gone by and I haven't reflected on things in a long time. Take some time each week to reflect on what your week created in your life, what changes do you want to see, what have you accomplished. Block this time out on your schedule each week so you don't book over it.

What do you do when you feel life is passing you by?

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