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Ms. Female Entrepreneur IL

Women Supporting Women: Collaboration Over Competition

Sara Martinez, CYT


Sara Martinez has been an entrepreneur at heart since she was a little girl. She had your typical lemonade stands and babysitting jobs, but also went on to create a dog sitting service at the age of 17 and founded a non-profit organization at the age of 19!

As an adult she has started and managed several companies, including a multi-six-figure construction company and her newest baby, River of Wellness.

In July of 2018, Sara was crowned Ms. Female Entrepreneur IL in the Female Entrepreneur Empire Business Pageant. She was put through the rigorous process and came out honored and humbled to be the judges choice for her state of IL!


State competition included submitting business plans, sales strategies, charity contribution information, and much more. Sara loved traveling to Utah for the state competition and meeting all the other women business owners that are rocking their businesses!


Sara's platform for the national competition in LA is Women Supporting Women: Collaboration Over Competition. As a competitive athlete and business owner for much of her life, she has learned much about competition and collaboration and how/when each can be beneficial or detrimental to your life and business. 

Sara will be touring the USA from October 10th to 24th speaking and giving back to women based business, organizations and young women in high-school and college. 

If you are interested in sponsoring Sara's mission or having her speak at your upcoming event, email

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Ms. Female Entrepreneur IL: Tour Schedule

October 11:       Doane University: Omaha, Nebraska

October 12:       Kearney, Nebraska

October 13:       Speaker at Soul Shine Live's 2nd Annual Women's Retreat ~ Utah

October 14:       St. George, Utah

October 15:       Northern Arizona

October 16:       Central Arizona

October 17:       Southern Arizona

October 18:       Anaheim, California

October 19:       Ms. Female Entrepreneur National Pageant ~ Los Angeles, California

October 20:       Ms. Female Entrepreneur National Pageant ~ Los Angeles, California

October 21-23:  Travel Days

October 24:       Fund Conference ~ Chicago, IL

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