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Are You Ready to Start Your Retreat Planning Business?

Are you ready to dive into a fulfilling career as a retreat planner?

Imagine crafting unforgettable experiences that inspire personal growth, connection and self discovery!

As a retreat planner you have the opportunity to bring the visions of retreat leaders to life, cresting transformation!

If you have a passion for travel, wellness and event planning, this could be the ultimate career for you!


Created With You in Mind!


How often as business owners do we have incredible ideas that go untouched for what feels like a couple months, but is actually a few years?

Have you been wanted to put your organization skills to work by helping gifted leaders create their retreats?

Now's the time! 

The mission behind this mentorship is bringing together a collective of like-minded individuals, that are looking to get started in the Retreat Planning industry, or who are looking to expand their current Retreat Planning business!

I have a passion for people making positive change in the world, one ripple at a time. I believe that with one life impacted (a single drop) a ripple of change can span out creating waves of positivity, light, kindness and love.

If you have a similar passion, then we would love to have you join us!

Are you ready to turn your expertise & passions for organization, travel, & creativity into a thriving business?

What's Included:

3 Packages To Meet You Where You're At

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